dummy - Number One - Second Printing


By demand, we offer a second, expanded, printing of the strangely sought-after first issue of dummy. The First Edition (100 copies) sold out in less than 4 hours based on one Facebook posting, so these will move fast. This second printing includes 8 more pages of extremely rare art.

This issue presents the most in-depth examination of the remarkable artists who created the look of Paul Reubens' beloved Pee-wee's Playhouse and its many related toys and other products. Featuring talks with Gary Panter, Wayne White, Ric Heitzman, Mark Newgarden, Kaz and other artists involved with designing the show and its products. You will see artwork that you have never seen before. This is a must have artifact of a special era for any fans of the show or the artists who worked on it. This second printing adds 8 additional pages of extremely rare art.

40 pages, plus cover, all in full color with the highest quality printing.

The second issue, dummy #2, will be available in early Summer 2024. Each issue will cover different topics. Subscribers to Dummy will receive reduced shipping (in the US) of four issues plus added bonus items not available to those buying single copies.